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do you ever see an art style and just go

 oh my go d


it’s so beaut iful

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because bucky barnes bedhead is my life tbh

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I drew this as an exchange with Alienfirst. I actually have really come to love it a lot and throughly enjoyed working on it. The fic is quite rushed but it’s late, i’ve had a big day/night at work and have another big day/night at work tomorrow. 

Slow Dance

"Really…Hermann c’mon it’s not my fault you have no taste - why this piece?!" Newt complained with an exasperated gesture as Hermann uploaded the file. 

"If you insist on blaring that throughly ridiculous grunge cacophony that you deem it necessary to call ‘music’ then it’s only reasonable that I am allowed a classical piece at my leisure" Hermann replied unmoved by Newt’s pigheaded attempt at avoiding the inevitable.

Lilting music wafted into the room from the graffitied stereos that more commonly blared Rage Against the Machine and Nirvana. Hermann walked to the middle of the room and rested his cane against the table on wheels then held his hands open in a gesture for Newt to join him. Newt glared at Hermann for a moment waiting for him to renege on his resolve. He wondered privately how long Hermann could stand there unaided before his bad leg betrayed him. 

He ground his teeth and with a great put upon effort slipped off his seat. He moved the roller table and Hermann’s cane away from the centre of the room before returning to Hermann’s side.

"Glasses" Hermann said.

"I. need. them." Newt replied in a childish act of defiance.

"I’m leading" Hermann said "It’s the only way to learn, especially with someone so inept with graceful movements"

"And what you’re a butterfly?" Newt snapped back sliding his glasses off, slipping them into his breast pocket and trying not to squint too hard when the room became fuzzy.

"I am in comparison to you" He took Hermann’s outstretched hand and allowed his other to be guided the Hermann’s hip. Hermann cleared his throat awkwardly as the music swelled as if marking an extremely romantic occasion. A wicked grin crossed Newt’s face and an idea came to mind.

"You know, Herm" He said teasingly stepping into Hermans space sliding the hand on Hermann’s hip around to his back and pulling him to press flush up against his body "Wouldn’t it be easier for you if we danced like this?"

Hermann raised his his chin forming his mouth into a hard line, eyes narrowing ready to meet the challenge. 

"Perhaps" Herman replied shortly "Follow where I move"

"You got it" Newt replied with a voice as sweet as pie.

It was clumsy at first, Hermann hindered by Newt’s incessant hanging on and Newt having trouble identifying where his feet where supposed to go through the haze. They nearly toppled completely twice. After ten minutes of struggling Newt stepped on Hermann’s foot causing his knee to twist and Hermann froze drawing in a sharp hiss through his teeth. Newt started and bit back an apology at the repressed expression of pain in his colleges face. He relented his unnecessarily difficult stance.

He adjusted his grip giving Hermann more space and straightened up. Hermann looked down at him. It was difficult to read his expression but Newt could tell the harshness had softened. He began counting along with the music and they set off.

"I still maintain that we could have been doing this to an acoustic track" Newt said continuing to count in his head.

"This is an acoustic track" Hermann replied without missing a beat. 

"Oh my god did you just try to make a joke?" Newt exclaimed "Oh my god now I wish I was recording this!"  

"Good grief why would you ever want to record this?" Hermann asked.

"Bet with Reighley - didn’t believe Pentacost about drift compatibility tests outside the perimeters of-" Newt blabbered out one idea mashing into the next "It was a bet that we wouldn’t dance to test drift compatibility but we don’t fight-I mean we fight but-" Hermann slid his hand from Newt’s shoulder to his lower back, bit by bit placing more of his weight on Newt to relieve the weight on his leg. The music brushed against them as they swayed gently along with it slowly their movements sliping into step with each other "and so that’s why I felt it was a good idea cause hey who doesn’t want a ranger’s desert allowance for a year-"

Through the quiet steps and in between the music Newt noticed Hermann watching him and it drew his speech to a stuttering stop. His whole being, a crooked angle of contempt usually bent on him, was around him, all one gentle curve. Hermann was holding him. 

Newt murmured out a noise that fell short of articulation. 

"Had I only known that this was the method to shut you up Newton" Hermann said, voice lacking venom.

"Hermann-" Newt began but Hermann lent forward nose and forehead brushing Newt’s. 

"Lame" was all Newt could think of to say as he smiled nuzzling Hermann’s cheek ever so slightly.

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